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Astroturf letters in Wash. insurance initiative

A Tacoma News-Tribune editorialist notices lots of "virtually identical" letters supporting the trial-lawyer backed Referendum 67, which would expand lawsuits against insurers, and sure enough, they turn out to track talking points on the website of WSTLA, the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association. "The letter writers fail to identify themselves as lawyers (or staff of legal firms), although a quick check of Google and the Yellow Pages confirms that that's exactly what they are. You'd think with all those law degrees between them that the mouthpieces could come up with their own words and not have to crib." National insurers active in the Washington market are spending heavily in an effort to defeat the November ballot measure, while lawyers expect to call on allies such as Public Citizen (no surprise there) and the Washington Education Association. More on Referendum 67 here and here.




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