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San Diego paper: Jerry Brown sure fooled us

The editors of the San Diego Union-Tribune discover too late that they got sweet-talked by the California governor-turned-AG:

Last summer, attorney general candidate Jerry Brown met with the Union-Tribune editorial board and barely had to be prodded to take shots at the grandstanding ways of then-Attorney General (and fellow Democrat) Bill Lockyer. Brown said he would be a pragmatic, tough-minded attorney general. In a later interview, the former governor was more specific, rapping Lockyer's decision to sue automakers on the grounds their vehicles' emissions contributed to global warming.

�One of the principles of tort law is that damages should not be speculative,� said Brown, a Yale-trained attorney. He wondered how the suit could posit �causation� between emissions and the size of mountain snowpacks.

After he was elected, however, it became obvious that Brown had told the editorial board what it wanted to hear. He picked up Lockyer's lawsuit and ran with it.

Looking back, maybe we leaned too far over to give him the benefit of the doubt, too (more). P.S. Jane Genova has further thoughts. And Warming Law, published by the left-of-center Community Rights Counsel, thinks we are unfairly slighting Brown's announced reasons for his change of heart on the automaker suit.



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