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Around the web, August 27

  • Sorry, forum-shoppers, says New Jersey appeals court, but British Vioxx users have to sue Merck in Britain [NJLJ]

  • "As a general matter, we don't work with plaintiffs lawyers on a contingency fee." -- Maine assistant AG Peter LaFond, interviewed at WSJ Law Blog.

  • A no-liability Bermuda Triangle on the Montana and Idaho edges of Yellowstone Park? [Casper Star-Tribune]

  • Well, this should be fun: comedian/NYT business columnist/Milberg expert/bete noire of this site Ben Stein is narrator of a new movie promoting "Intelligent Design" [Orac, Panda's Thumb]

  • Outsourcing the picket line, cont'd: Miami carpenters' union said to pay only $20/day to homeless picketer, not exactly "living wage" [Miami New Times; earlier here, here, etc.]

  • "As much as I believe in the jury system, I routinely work to stay out of it -- and so does every good trial lawyer, at least part of the time." [Reed]

  • Prosecutors resubmit plea deal for disbarred Miami asbestos attorney/scamster Louis Robles [Daily Business Review]

  • More on defensive medicine and emergency room referrals [AngryDoc via KevinMD]



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