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Around the web, August 24

  • Whatever happened to statutes of limitation dept.: Iowa pays $925,000 to atone for cruel stuttering experiment carried out on kids in 1930s [Bernstein @ Volokh]

  • Saveri, Hagens Berman & Co. split $81.5 million in fees as DRAM microchip price fixing case settles for $325 million [The Recorder](& Legal Reader)

  • Lisa Rickard on U.S. Chamber's campaign calling attention to ATLA/AAJ name change [TownHall]

  • What is voir dire even for, if not to rid your jury panel of those pesky tort reform types? [Blawgletter]

  • New audio interviews with state senators Glenn Coffee (Okla.) and Charlie Ross (Miss.) on legal reform [AJP]

  • Off-label promotion by Lilly of psychiatric drug Zyprexa has loosed a swarm of maddened state AGs [Legal NewsLine]

  • If you expect to pocket a percentage referral for hooking your client up with another law firm, maybe it's better for you to, like, tell the client that's happening [Legal Intelligencer]



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