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Around the web, August 10

  • Grudge match of the class action world: Roger Parloff on the firm that's suing Milberg [Fortune Legal Pad]

  • Decline -- and fall, one may hope -- of the peremptory challenge [Reed]

  • Conservatives hail N.Y. Gov. Spitzer (no misprint!) for veto of bill rolling back welfare reform [NY Sun]

  • "Loophole"'s a word suited for opinion columns, seldom straight news -- but then what would become of careers like that of the NYT's David Cay Johnston? [Shafer, Slate]

  • Vexing contract-law question in great-granddad's time: whether to enforce sale of piano to house of ill repute [Farnsworth @ Volokh]

  • Defensive medicine: Caesarean section rate in U.S. now 30 percent, double what World Health Organization considers optimal [ABC News; Scheie]



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