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Around the web, July 18

  • Bad, bad news: By 6-1 vote, California high court invalidates recreational risk waivers in cases where plaintiffs allege gross negligence; Sierra Club had weighed in for defense [decision; L.A. Times; Egelko, SF Chron] More: Korobkin @ Volokh, with good reader comments

  • After Democratic candidates' audition before trial lawyers, who's that supposed "staunch Republican" ready with a quote? [PowerLine, Chicago Sun-Times]

  • Charlie Weis med-mal retrial in Boston is being guestblogged by Tom Kirkendall [Wizard of Odds]; Eric Turkewitz has a plaintiff's-side view [NYPILB]

  • Provenance of Roberts's phrase about discrimination by race is rather different than New Republic seems to imagine [Volokh gang]

  • Chrysler's Steve Hantler is guestblogging this week at our sister site [Overlawyered]

  • Should juries get a closer look at relations between lawyers and their hired experts? [Childs]



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