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Henry Paulson on Stoneridge

As reported by the WSJ Washington Wire, the Secretary of the Treasury agrees with us:

Paulson, the former head of Goldman Sachs who has made reducing regulatory and legal burdens a signature issue, told the House Financial Services Committee that the case has �enormous implications for the U.S. economy.�

�What concerned me was exposing a wide range of individuals who happen to do business with public companies to primary liability without bright lines,� he told lawmakers. Allowing investors to sue third parties �would create a very uncertain legal environment� and exacerbate what Paulson says is �excessive litigation risk� for companies that do business in the U.S.

This is manifestly a position that makes investors better off; alas, the Washington Wire persists in buying the trial lawyer propaganda that the pro-trial-lawyer position is the "pro-investor" position because they sue in investors' names.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


Published by the Manhattan Institute

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