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Mali immigrant fire

From Clyde Haberman's column in yesterday's Times, unfortunately behind TimesDelete:

...Perhaps Mr. Bork could offer advice to Mamadou Soumare, the unfortunate immigrant from Mali whose wife and 4 children were among 10 people who died in a terrible fire in the Bronx three months ago. Last week, a New York Post reporter came across a notice of claim that Mr. Soumare had filed with the city comptroller�s office. The notice was a required first step in a possible $100 million lawsuit � repeat, $100 million � against the city.

Among those named by Mr. Soumare was the Fire Department, which he said had �failed to respond in a timely manner.� Never mind that firefighters arrived 3 minutes and 23 seconds after 911 was called. Never mind that the call had come disastrously late because people in the burning house had wasted precious time trying to put out the flames themselves.

The notice of claim does not mean that Mr. Soumare, who is in this country illegally, will definitely follow through with a lawsuit. But it means that he might. If he does, he will show that he truly understands American ways.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


Published by the Manhattan Institute

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