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"The Great American Pants Suit"

I've got an op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal on Judge Roy Pearson, Jr.'s lawsuit demanding tens of millions of dollars from his dry cleaners over a pair of pants. (Walter Olson, "The Great American Pants Suit", WSJ, Jun. 18; free at OpinionJournal.com, original at subscriber-only WSJ site). My other website, Overlawyered, has covered the story from early on, most recently in Ted's post of Sunday and David's of Thursday. The judge hearing Pearson's case is expected to issue her ruling this week.

There's been a torrent of coverage of the Pearson case in the press: a few recent examples include Peter Lattman on the WSJ Law Blog here and here; Marc Fisher, "Judge Who Seeks Millions for Lost Pants Has His (Emotional) Day in Court", Washington Post, Jun. 13; Jacob Sullum, Reason "Hit and Run"; Jeff Jacoby, "Ludicrous lawsuits", Boston Globe, Jun. 17; "The plight of the pants(less) guy" (editorial), Chicago Tribune, Jun. 16; "Pressing case for reform as judge cries over pants" (editorial), San Antonio Express-News, Jun. 18. And the Washington Examiner reported on Friday: "Pants lawsuit could cost D.C. judge his $100,000 job".



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