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Defending Clarence Thomas

The New York Sun's editorialists have a few words to say about the egregious hatchet job perpetrated by the New York Times's Adam Cohen against Justice Thomas:

...the Times appears incapable of judging him by his actual writings, preferring instead to attack the very idea of a black justice who fails to fall in, lockstep, with way the Times says a black justice should behave, as a left-wing judicial activist. Fortunately for the country, Justice Thomas is capable of thinking for himself.

Reader Joe Bingham writes:

This is certainly my favorite bit from the Adam Cohen piece:
He can be counted on to reflexively oppose discrimination claims of minorities and women, as he did last week, when he joined the majority in rejecting the claim of a woman who was underpaid for years because of her sex, on the dubious ground that she complained too late.

Ah, yes, those newfangled "deadlines." Like statutes of limitations, just another excuse for conservatives to "reflexively" avoid social justice.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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