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Corporate Image Advertising and the Future of Free Enterprise

Steve Hantler, whose writings this site links to often, is a commenter at the AEI panel at 2:30 today on Eric Dezenhall's new book:

Crisis management has become the latest fashion in building a corporate reputation. Companies that come under siege from interest groups, trial lawyers, and the press wage image campaigns to make themselves "better liked"--and often do so by playing down their capitalist purpose. Do these campaigns mislead the public? Do they validate the belief that for-profit entities are inherently corrupt and, therefore, injuring them is a virtuous act--not to mention a victimless crime? Does corporate social responsibility represent a good business strategy in the long run, or has reputation management become, in effect, an apology for making money? If so, does this trend ultimately pose a threat to free enterprise?

Public relations expert Eric Dezenhall tackles these issues in his new coauthored book, Damage Control: Why Everything You Know about Crisis Management Is Wrong (Portfolio, 2007). Following a book presentation, Mr. Dezenhall will join other discussants to explore the implications of this trend for modern corporations. Panelists will include Jon Entine of AEI, author of Pension Fund Politics: The Dangers of Socially Responsible Investing (AEI Press, 2005); Steven Hantler, associate general counsel for DaimlerChrysler; and public relations specialist Nancy Murphy of the Case Foundation. Ted Frank, director of AEI�s Liability Project, will moderate.

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