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County of Santa Clara v. Atlantic Richfield, cont'd

I had an op-ed in yesterday's Wall Street Journal ("Tort Travesty") hailing Superior Court Judge Jack Komar's ruling disqualifying private contingency-fee counsel from representing California government entities in lead-paint litigation, and hoping that other courts embrace the decision's logic recognizing the ethical flaws in such representation. The piece had already been in the hopper at the Journal, but was made more timely by this week's announcement that President Bush had signed an executive order barring the federal government from entering contingent-fee arrangements to compensate lawyers or witnesses. Lattman and Kopel @ Volokh have some discussion of that executive order. Separately, Amanda Bronstad at the NLJ covers efforts in seven states (OH, NJ, CA, MS, WS, KS, NV) to adopt greater transparency in the hiring of outside counsel (or reduce the use of such counsel generally) to cut down on the impression of cronyism and pay-for-play.

P.S. And here's yet more from Beck and Herrmann.



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