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"Oxy Morons"

AEI's Sally Satel in today's WSJ on the $635 million federal plea deal reached by Purdue Pharma, makers of the time-release narcotic Oxycontin:

the price for those already in pain promises to be steep. Pharmaceutical development of improved slow-acting opiate medications may be derailed by fresh paranoia. More law-abiding physicians wary of litigation and regulatory scrutiny may withdraw from prescribing potent painkillers. It is hard enough for pain patients to get treatment. This newest injection of malignant hype is the last thing they need.

On the role in the Oxycontin saga of contingency-fee lawyers hired by the attorney general of West Virginia, see our entries here and here. More: Jacob Sullum.

P.S. To clarify, if anyone is confused: the new plea deal is with a U.S. attorney and is not directly related to the settlement of West Virginia claims three years ago. More: Jeff Stier (American Council on Science and Health), Huffington Post.



Rafael Mangual
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