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Around the web, May 8

  • Gov. Schwarzenegger declares support for California class action reform [CJAC; earlier]

  • Judge dismisses Katrina wrongful-death claims against U.S. government [Times-Picayune; Jurist]

  • Cost of lawsuits? Of lawsuit abuse? Some problems/cautions/caveats regarding those widely bandied-about figures [Bialik/WSJ, WSJ Law Blog]

  • Okay, so it's a given that the Columbia Journalism Review would be clueless about insurance controversies, but you'd think George Soros would have better uses for his money than to support warmed-over Dickie Scruggs-ism on the subject ["Insurance Transparency Project"]

  • Advocates have been hoping to break through with a big damages win over "anesthesia awareness" during surgery, and a dramatic W.V. case may fit the bill [Fox News]

  • Illinois trial lawyers pushing legislature for grief damages in wrongful-death cases [Post-Dispatch]

  • Good primer from Beck and Herrmann on "municipal cost recovery rule", which bars most suits that seek to recoup public expenditures [Drug & Device Law]



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