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Around the web, March 26

  • Per survey of public, it's not uncommon for physicians to overtreat or overprescribe [WSJ/Harris via The Antidote and KevinMD]

  • Hit parade of successful plaintiff's securities-suit firms [Lattman]

  • Recycled charges about feds "throwing" tobacco suit: what WaPo left out [Adler @ Volokh, NY Sun]

  • Conrad Black trial coverage continues [Steyn, Margolis, Worthington]

  • Mississippi insurance commissioner, a Democrat, denied renomination; did he annoy certain high-ups there? [Rossmiller]

  • France to allow class actions? Maybe not so fast [AP/Law.com]

  • Whenever possible go outside the experience of the enemy: Hillary and Obama shared youthful attraction to Alinsky organizing [Lizza @ TNR, Geraghty @ NRO, WaPo]

  • Step right up, folks, and sue Kaiser Permanente [law firm website via MedPundit]



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