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Around the web, March 16

  • Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway spent $14 million extra on accountants last year because of Sarbanes-Oxley [Carney/DealBreaker]

  • "Human greed has no bounds" says Microsoft, objecting to counsel fees in Wisconsin class action [Koppel/WSJ law blog]

  • Regarding that cy pres-funded antitrust documentary: c'mon, David, winning an award doesn't mean it's not propaganda [Giacalone; earlier post here]

  • Class-actioneer Michael Hausfeld hits London in a whirl of publicity [Times Online, Kranenburg]

  • Sure, cardiac catheterization can cause chronic mental illness. What do you mean you're skeptical? [KevinMD, WV Record]

  • Layoffs at prominent asbestos/toxic tort firm Baron & Budd [Texas Lawyer]



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