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That was the sum paid to Ohio malpractice claimants in 2005, according to the state insurance department, which has begun keeping numbers. Sixty-five claims topped $1 million. "Almost 80 percent (4,005) of medical malpractice claims resulted in no payment to a plaintiff, though almost all claims generated expenses for investigation and defense, an average of $24,443 per claim." (via MedPundit). For purposes of rough comparison, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported two years ago that "The number of doctors maintaining an Ohio address was 24,833 in 2003". The figure for malpractice outlays includes claims against three relatively low-risk specialties -- dentists, optometrists and chiropractors -- suggesting a ballpark estimate of about $10,000 in paid settlements and verdicts per practicing doctor, over and above the sums spent in defense costs, underwriting, etc.



Rafael Mangual
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