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I stole from my clients by accident...

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The Washington Times reports that D.C.'s highest court has just disbarred one Reginald J. Rogers, who stole hundreds of thousands from one client, a 91-year old widow, and apparently stole more money from other clients. The lawyer declined to explain his behavior at the disciplinary hearing, then had the chutzpah to say he should not have been disbarred, since he is also being criminally prosecuted for the theft. Sorry, but the court does not need to wait for a criminal conviction to determine whether the lower standard of proof of an ethical violation has been satisfied.

Rogers' defense at the criminal trial will apparently focus on testimony from a forensic psychologist who is "of the opinion that Mr. Rogers never intended to cheat his clients, to harm them financially or to gain financially at their expense." Sounds like the classic "I borrowed her life's savings from my 91 year old client, but in my mind I expected one day to reimburse her" defense.

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Rafael Mangual
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