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American Constitution Society National Convention

There are a few token conservatives and libertarians present on panels at this weekend's ACS National Convention in Washington. Inter alia:

  • Douglas Kmiec is speaking Friday at 9:45 on the separation of powers.
  • AEI's Michael Greve is speaking Friday at 2:45 on federal preemption of state law.
  • ATRA's Victor Schwartz is speaking Saturday at 11 on a panel titled "Is Federal Legislation Closing The Courthouse Door?" that one presumes is about liability reform.
  • Roger Clegg is speaking Saturday at 2:30 on federal civil rights enforcement.
  • And, for some reason, I've been invited to speak Saturday at 4:15 on habeas law on a panel alongside Judge Boyce Martin, Deborah Pearlstein, Judge Virginia Phillips, and Bryan Stevenson. I'm sufficiently fifth-string that I've been left off the front page.

I previously debated habeas reform in Legal Affairs last August.



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