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Fowl Play?

Just wanted to pile on to Michael Krauss' piece below about about one Arthur Hoyte, some doctor-as-shill-for-wacky-group and his lawsuit against KFC. What, did the good doctor have a gumption bypass? Doesn't he have a steering wheel on his car, or a gas pedal that he can use to drive past KFC? A spinectomy, maybe (like Lisa Loopner's dear departed father) that leaves him powerless?

In any event, it all set us to thinkin', so we moseyed on over to Google, just to check out this fine upstanding doctor-plaintiff.

We just typed in "Arthur Hoyte" and we found this link to another lawsuit by one Arthur Hoyte. Hmmmm.... wonder if it's the same guy....? The Arthur Hoyte from the link we found was a plaintiff in a 1999 securities class action lawsuit against Amplidyne, a manufacturer of amplifiers and other stuff for use in wireless and satellite telecommunications.

Per this complaint, Arthur Hoyte "purchased shares of Amplidyne common stock, as indicated in the certifications attached hereto, during the Class Period and were damaged thereby." You would think a reporter just doing the basic reporting might try searching for Arthur Hoyte in Google. Or maybe there were no reporters with access to Google and this was just too juicy (and tender, and crispy) a story.

No matter. If this is a different Arthur Hoyte, then we stand corrected, but let's just say our suspicions were aroused by the nice people over at Google. Might this be a serial plaintiff? Or maybe it's just a guy with a incurable taste for litigation -- and chicken.

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