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After UK vaccine panic, charges of misconduct

Britain's General Medical Council will reportedly level charges against Andrew Wakefield, author of work alleging a link between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and such disorders as autism and Crohn's disease. In the wake of the public panic set off by Wakefield's work, vaccination rates slumped and measles incidence has increased in the United Kingdom. Reports the BBC:

His initial Lancet paper has since been disowned by the journal.

The editor admitted he would not have published the 1998 paper if he had known about what he called a "fatal conflict of interest".

Mr Wakefield was being paid to see if there was any evidence to support possible legal action by a group of parents who claimed their children were damaged by the vaccine.

Wakefield says he stands by his work and is expected to dispute the charges. "If found guilty, Mr Wakefield could be struck off the medical register.... He has since moved to the US." (more)(via KevinMD).



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