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Guest Blogger, Reporting for Duty.....

Good morning, everybody -- greetings from ShopFloor.org, your guest blogger this week. As it turns out, we happen to be starting out the week in Sin City -- Las Vegas -- subject of Ted Frank's post below, where the trial bar apparently took a break from practicing before Judge Gene T. Porter -- Chief Judge of Nevada's Eighth Judicial District -- to hold a piggish, Vegas-style party cum fundraiser for him. Here's what Judge Porter had to say in his introduction to the Eighth Judicial District's 2002 Annual Report:

"The judges of the Eighth Judicial District Court work hard toward achieving the values contained in the National Trial Court Performance Standards, i.e.,... fairness and integrity, public trust and confidence, equality, independence and accountability."

Doesn't appear that he's working all that hard on this. In fact, it looks like the trial bar ranks right up there with the oldest profession in being about the only two groups that finish out ahead here in Vegas. Anybody notice a common thread...? You can click here to drop an e-mail to the Administrative Office of the Nevada Courts or click here to drop an e-mail to the Nevada Supreme Court, let them know ol' Judge Porter seems to be missing the mark he set for himself.

Heck, even the casinos don't come out ahead here -- they got sued earlier this year -- along with a drug company -- by a guy claiming that his medication caused a gambling addiction and the casino should've known about it. This is a guy who lost over $7 million. Ouch. Maybe he should've put it all on red instead of black.

In any event, we'll be blogging in this space all week. Don't forget to tip your waiters....



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