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British Court of Appeal to Proximate Cause: Go to H---

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A worker suffers an injury in the workplace. Six years later he takes his own life. The British Court of Appeal has just ruled that the injury "caused" the suicide six years later.

IBC Vehicles, which produces vans for Vauxhall Motors, admitted liability for the workplace accident but denied that its responsibility extended to the decedent's taking his own life six years later. This was accepted in the High Court when Deputy Judge Nigel Baker QC ruled against his widow, who had sued for 750,000 pounds in a wrongful death suit. The defendant's judgment was overturned by a majority ruling at the Appeal Court with damages to be agreed at a later date. Lord Justice Sedley said "all the evidence suggested there was no other cause of Mr Corr's suicide other than the injury he suffered at work, and he was previously a 'rational man'."

So much for free will! Professors Hart and Honor´┐Ż, where are you when we need you?

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