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SAT gets sued II -- opportunity for intrepid reporters

A personal anecdote relating to the class action against the SAT, which Michael ably covered. I was once opposing counsel in a class action brought by the same attorneys who did the Pearson settlement; they regularly trumpeted their "multimillion dollar settlement" against Pearson in my case. (Pearson immediately caved after the class was certified; big payday for the plaintiffs' lawyers.) So I thought I'd do a little investigating: I telephoned the settlement administrator for the Pearson settlement, and asked how much money was actually distributed to the class. The administrator refused to say—which is quite telling, wouldn't you say? I left my law firm before I had the occasion to subpoena them to find out, but the Associated Press (and other reporters) ought to be a little more skeptical before simply repeating the nominal value of a class action settlement provided by attorneys' press releases.

Note that the purported plaintiff class for this lawsuit includes millions of students whose SATs were scored correctly, and suffered no cognizable injury. Just another harm-less lawsuit.



Rafael Mangual
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Legal Policy

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