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And Now For Something Completely Different

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Is a National League position player who cannot throw "totally disabled"? Such will be the question facing courts after the Houston Astros' insurance claim on Jeff Bagwell was denied.

"The Astros took the position that [Jeff] Bagwell was totally disabled in January 2006 even though he played in September and October 2005," a lawyer for Connecticut General Insurance Company said. "Connecticut General determined that there had been no adverse change in Mr. Bagwell's condition between the end of last season and the date the policy terminated on Jan. 31, 2006."

The Astros DH'd Bagwell in the World Series (in those games played under American League rules), and he got one hit in 8 tries. Interleague play could afford him a few more at-bats this season. Could it be that those eight at-bats have cost the 'Strohs $15M?

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Rafael Mangual
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