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Influential in Arizona

From Arizona Capitol Times' list of 25 persons and organizations that "got the 'juice,' when it comes to Capitol influence":

Arizona Trial Lawyers Association

Described as one of the more powerful lobbies in the state, trial lawyers have pretty much locked up Democrats and Republican conservatives against limiting damages for personal injury and death.

Sen. Bill Brotherton, D-14, an attorney, says ATLA's influence in civil law is "substantial." Lawmakers bounce it [an idea for legislation dealing with liability and court procedure] off them before coming up with a bill," he said. "They are certainly listened to."

Recent changes in tort law came about only through compromises reached with ATLA, but major medical malpractice reform is a hill possibly to steep too climb for its proponents because of the trial association's political and financial clout.

It was one name mentioned more frequently than any other when it comes to non-lobbying organizations involved in state government.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


Published by the Manhattan Institute

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