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Concerned Alumni of Princeton

WaPo: "The records [of the Concerned Alumni of Princeton] are in the Library of Congress in the private papers of William Rusher, a former publisher of the National Review magazine. Rusher allowed the New York Times to review the records last year, and the newspaper found no evidence that Alito was active in the organization or was a major donor to it."

Nevertheless, Senator Ted Kennedy feels free to smear Judge Alito as a "closet bigot" because he supported CAP's support for Princeton ROTC—even though twenty years of public service shows no evidence of bigotry.

During the presidential election, when the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth implied that John Kerry lied about his war record, the two leading members of the Republican Party, George Bush and John McCain, disclaimed the argument, Bush even forcing out an outside counsel who happened to also do work for the Swift group. The analogy isn't perfect, though the major difference is unfavorable to Democrats: SBVFT was an independent 527 group, while Kennedy is a party leader. Still, is there a single Democrat who will come forward to condemn this appalling McCarthyesque smear on an innocent and honorable man?

Jonah Goldberg (via Betsy Newmark) is also critical of Kennedy's disregard for the truth.



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