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"Ingredient liability" suits

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A series of Minnesota and Oklahoma law suits against manufacturers of the ingredients used by criminals to create methamphetamines is progressing apace. In what may be the newest pain for the drug industry, plaintiffs' lawyers are claiming that the likes of Pfizer "knew" that a certain percentage of their decongestants would be illegally transformed into crystal meth. Therefore, of course, Pfizer should be liable for this huge drug problem.

This from the same people who have on similar grounds decided that gun makers should be liable for the crime problem and food makers for our obesity. Car makers should be liable for DUI accidents under the same rationale -- I guess the plaintiff's bar hasn't thought of that one yet.

I have written about this extensively -- it is a massive effort to divorce tort law from personal responsibility and proximate causation requirements. We must relentlessly resist this degradation of tort law.

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Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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