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Bad month for Connecticut ob/gyns

Reader Leonard Ferrucci writes in to say:

November was a bad month for Connecticut obstetricians and gynecologists to the tune of $53.7 million (plus 12% interest per year from when the cases were filed). Here are the details:

* "$36.5 Million Malpractice Award May be Record for Conn.": Hartford Hospital, and attending ob/gyn, found liable for infant's cerebral palsy and other injuries; electronic fetal monitoring allegedly indicated an earlier caesarean section than was conducted.

* "Parents Robbed of Tough Choice", by Thomas B. Scheffey, Connecticut Law Tribune Nov. 21 (subscriber-only): Shaun and Nicki Chamberland of Wolcott win $12 million "wrongful birth" award against Physicians for Women's Health LLC, which allegedly should have more strongly urged expectant mother to undergo testing which would have revealed fetal defects; parents say they would have aborted Shaun Jr., now 6, had they known.

* "University to appeal malpractice verdict": $5.2 million against Yale School of Medicine and private ob/gyn practice for allegedly erroneous cancer diagnosis and unnecessary hysterectomy: Yale School of Medicine Dean Robert Alpern expresses surprise at verdict's magnitude, saying "Awards of that size are the reason why medical malpractice insurance rates are so high."



Rafael Mangual
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