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The Medical Malpractice Myth? at AEI

The AEI Liability Project is sponsoring a panel discussion on the recent book The Medical Malpractice Myth, Monday, December 19, 2005, from 2:00�4:00 p.m. Register for the conference online.

Is the real problem with America�s medical liability system too much medical malpractice rather than too much litigation? Are recent rises in medical malpractice insurance premiums caused by economic cycles instead of increasing claims? Should the system be compensating more people? In his new book, The Medical Malpractice Myth, Professor Tom Baker, who is the director of the Insurance Law Center at the University of Connecticut, answers these questions affirmatively, criticizes proposed and implemented liability reforms, and suggests, among other changes, the creation of a supplemental "no-fault" mechanism. Professor Baker will present his findings at this AEI event and will debate his conclusions with a panel of experts.

Panelists include David A. Hyman, one of the nation�s leading health law experts and a professor of law at the University of Illinois; and Point of Law contributors Ted Frank and Martin Grace. Jonathan Klick, an economist and a law professor at Florida State University, will moderate.

In the blogosphere, Kevin Drum recently wrote about the book favorably.



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