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How not to support Samuel Alito

First the Committee for Justice ran an ad supporting nominee John Roberts which, as we observed at the time, portrayed him as "robotically committed to a checklist of results desired by conservatives". Now the same group is out with an ad breathlessly claiming that Judge Alito's confirmation is needed to repel an "assault" on "freedom of religious expression". Ann Althouse is on their case. For more on the "assault on Christmas" meme, see Cathy Young's comments.

More: a friend writes as follows --

If you don't care for the Committee for Justice ads, maybe you could say a kind word about the perhaps more high-toned spot put together by Progress for America and featuring four of my fellow former Alito clerks. It's called "Confirm" and can be found here.

Ann Althouse might think the background music is still a bit cheesy, but you can't have everything.



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