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The tale of Ray Harron, asbestos doctor

Today's New York Times has an extensive look at Ray Harron (Jul. 15), who has earned millions of dollars doing up to 150 cursory x-ray readings a day at $125/pop and "diagnosing" asbestosis or silicosis for litigation purposes. Harron double-dipped with over 1000 claimants, diagnosing asbestosis in one case and silicosis in another. It's a family business; his son, Andrew Harron, has also submitted claims to the Manville Trust, which has announced that it will no longer pay claims based on diagnoses from the Harrons now that questions have arisen about Harron's first 76 thousand diagnoses. (Jonathan Glater, "Reading X-Rays in Asbestos Suits Enriched Doctor", New York Times, Nov. 29) (hat-tip to T.S.).



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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