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Daubert hearing at MDL

Janet McConnaughey of the AP covers the Daubert hearing at the Vioxx MDL before Judge Fallon.

Irvin v. Merck goes to trial in the MDL in late November in federal court in Houston. Other scheduled trials in the next few months: Zajicek (Jackson County, Tex., March 20, 2006);
Guerra (Hidalgo County, Tex., April 17, 2006), and Kozic (Hillsborough County, Fla., May 1, 2006).

In the New Jersey action, there is a scheduling conference this Thursday, where Judge Higbee will discuss her final decision on whether to proceed by putting the "eighteen-month" cases on a fast-track. (CNN, Nov. 11).

Elsewhere, Morgan Stanley analysts show why they should talk to attorneys before issuing investment ratings: their analysis views Higbee's preliminary decision as "positive for Merck" on the mistaken belief that this will result in the dismissal of the short-term cases.



Rafael Mangual
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