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Merck wins one!

Today, Merck scored a huge win in Atlantic City when a state court jury ruled for it on all counts in a suit over whether Vioxx had caused a postal worker's heart attack. Reports The Wall Street Journal:

The jury, which heard seven weeks of testimony, had to consider two charges: failure to warn and consumer fraud. In deciding against Mr. Humeston on the first question, it concluded that Merck either did not know that Vioxx carried cardiovascular risks at the time that Mr. Humeston was prescribed it in 2001, or that the company adequately warned physicians about those risks. It further determined that Vioxx was not a substantial factor in causing the heart attack.

More sure to come. For our previous writings on this trial, the massive Texas award against Merck earlier this summer, and all things Vioxx, see here. Note: Ted, you beat me to the punch!



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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