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AP, Reuters, CNN: It's Alito

President Bush is expected to announce at 8 a.m. that he is nominating Judge Samuel Alito of the Third Circuit for the U.S. Supreme Court. Larry Ribstein explores his business-law jurisprudence and likes what he sees. Here's a US News & World Report profile, and the Scotus-blog profile. Alito is noted for his fidelity to the First Amendment protections for freedom of speech—which may make the recent 5-4 evisceration of those protections by the Court in McConnell v. FEC at issue (O'Connor was in the majority on the entire opinion, and Rehnquist in the majority on the constitutionality of Titles III and IV of McCain-Feingold), far more so than Roe v. Wade, which still had a 5-2 majority from previously sitting justices after Chief Justice Rehnquist's death and Justice O'Connor's retirement.



Rafael Mangual
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