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AEI: Lawsuits without Injuries?

Wednesday, December 17, the American Enterprise Institute Liability Project is holding a panel moderated by Chicago Law Professor Richard Epstein on a new trend in the expansion of tort liability.

While plaintiffs have traditionally been required to demonstrate some form of harm or damage to file a lawsuit, recently proposed definitions of harm appear to be broadening substantially the scope of tort litigation. At the forefront of this legal innovation is the "benefit-of-the-bargain" theory of damages: if a product is shown to have harmed some consumers, unharmed consumers have a claim against the manufacturer on the basis that they would have not paid as much for the product had these risks been known beforehand. Panelists at this event will address the merits and disadvantages of "benefit-of-the-bargain" lawsuits.

[cross-posted from Overlawyered, where it ran Dec. 14, 2003]

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