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Plaintiff's firms: the big 16?

As part of its "Plaintiff's Power" supplement, mentioned in this space several times already, The American Lawyer offers profiles, with an accompanying article by Alison Frankel, of what (in accord with educated guesswork) it believes to be the largest plaintiff's firms by annual revenue. Though nothing has lately come along to equal the heady rush of tobacco fees in the period after 1998, during which hundred-million-dollar windfalls came to seem almost routine, eight firms are currently thought to top $75 million in annual income: Baron & Budd, Levin Papantonio, Lieff Cabraser, Milberg Weiss (now split into two successor firms), Motley Rice, Nix Patterson, Reaud Morgan & Quinn, and Weitz & Luxenberg. Another eight firms, according to American Lawyer's estimates, are between $50 million and $75 million: Berger & Montague, Corboy & Demetrio, Gary, Williams, Parenti (Willie Gary), Girardi & Keese, Kreindler & Kreindler, O'Quinn Laminack & Pirtle, Provost & Umphrey, and Williams Bailey.

Only one of the 16 firms (Chicago's Corboy & Demetrio) is headquartered in the Midwest, incidentally, while six (Baron, Nix, Reaud, O'Quinn, Provost, Williams Bailey) are based in Texas.



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