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January 03, 2005

Bush to Madison County

Also from Madison County: President George W. Bush will be visiting the infamous magnet court jurisdiction this Wednesday. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Presidential visits typically are arranged to highlight a success story, such as an overachieving Head Start program or a thriving small business. But Wednesday's presidential visit - the first to Madison County by a sitting president since Jimmy Carter stopped in Alton during a 1979 Mississippi River cruise - appears to be based on the county's reputation in some circles as a haven for so-called frivolous lawsuits.

Two weeks ago, the county's reputation was reaffirmed by the American Tort Reform Association, who again named it the worst "judicial hellhole" in the nation. And as our editor noted this morning, "George Priest, the Yale law professor (and friend of this site), at last month's White House panel on lawsuit abuse, 'specifically mentioned Madison County. He said the county was one "where trial lawyers and judges, I don't want to say conspire, but have a mutually symbiotic relationship."'"

But both Georges should be careful, or they might just face a SLAPP suit from Rex Carr, the (in)famous libel attorney who represents Judge Gordon Maag in his post-election-defeat $110 million defamation suit that I discussed in detail before the holidays (see Dec. 24, Dec. 23, Dec. 21).

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