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September 06, 2004

Democrats' support for trial lawyers polarizes business community

"Despite common perceptions, business -- especially big business -- has never been monolithically Republican. Executives have been far too pragmatic for that. They have long used campaign giving to buy their way into the offices of both Republicans and Democrats." But between the vice presidential nomination of John Edwards, and Democratic efforts to defeat previously bipartisan litigation reform efforts, business is mobilizing like never before in support of the Republican ticket this year. (Jeffrey H. Birnbaum, "More Than Ever, Business Chooses Republican Ticket", Washington Post, Sep. 6; Glen Justice, "Businesses Plan Attack On Edwards", New York Times, Aug. 24; "U.S. Chamber to Fund Attacks on Edwards, Trial Lawyers", Bloomberg News, Aug. 25; Overlawyered, Jul. 6). Todd Zywicki of the Volokh Conspiracy comments.

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